Imelda Unveils More Marcos Medals

(Manila) Twenty-one years after his death in Honolulu, Hawaii, the body of former-president Ferdinand Marcos may finally be laid to rest at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

His widow, incumbent Ilocos Norte represantitve, Imelda Marcos, last Friday claimed that more incontrovertible proof of his heroism have come to light.

Presenting two medals which she claims he had won through acts of heroism, the former First Lady stated:

“How could they deny my husband his right to be buried among our nation’s greatest heroes when I have in my hands proof of his greatness?”

One of the two medals, an Alliance Medal of Honor from the Rebel Alliance, bore the unimstakeable red phoenix of the Alliance and the iconic X-wing starfighter etching on top of it. The accompanying citation credits a Ferdinand Marcos of having destroyed seven AT-AT walkers in the Battle of Hoth using only his bare hands.

The other medal, a Medal of Distinction from the Colonial Fleet of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, credits Marcos with having infiltrated a Cylon base and destroying it single-handedly using only his bare hands.

“If these medals are authentic then I don’t see how anyone could deny the former President his place at the Libingan,” said Cagayan Rep. Hugo Mandawing “after all, service to the galaxy is service to the nation.”

The stories told by the medals has also seen raised interest in the hands of the former president.

“It is fortunate that the former president’s body has been preserved as his bare hands seem to be capable of accomplishing seemingly impossible feats.” a representative from the DOST said in the same conference.

The recent discovery of Marcos’ forgotten medals has led to proposals of dedicating a new national cemetery in honor of Filipino Galactic Heroes such as the former president.


2 thoughts on “Imelda Unveils More Marcos Medals

  1. Those Rebel Alliance guys will give medals to anyone šŸ˜›
    except if you’re a wookiee

    Philippine Outpost
    501st Legion of Stormtroopers

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