Shokoys to Organize Grandmother of All Shokoy Rallies

(Manila Bay) A source from the shokoy community has revealed that they are planning to organize a massive rally on 25 March 2011 to protest the continuous marginalization of their species and associated marine animals in the Philippines.

A key issue in their protest is the refusal of certain groups in the country to classify their flesh as meat.

“The flesh of just about all other members of the animal kingdom are classified as meat,” said Grlmagushushush “the flesh of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds are all considered meat… yet it is okay to eat fish on days of meat abstinence!”

Grlmagushushush cited the popularity of fish meals marketed by various restaurants during the Catholic celebration of the season of Lent which usually requires its faithful to abstain from eating meat with the exception of fish.

“It’s downright insulting,” continued Grlmagushushush, “it’s bad enough that they eat you… it’s worse that they won’t respect your flesh.”

The rally has been set for the 25th of March. Various fish from tuna to bangus, other sea animals like pawikans, dugongs, and butandings are also expected to join the protest for their own issues. Due to the toxicity of Mania Bay, however, the rally organizers have opted to convene a good 250 kilometers off the coast of Luzon.

After hearing of the planned rally Filipino fishermen have begun preparations to send expeditions to the area specified by the shokoys. Asked of their intentions in heading out to sea Mang Jojo, a fisherman from Cavite had this to say:

“We are, of course, going there to show our support for the marginalized delicious fish. It is unfortunate that their delicious flesh is not considered meat by the Church. We pledge our solidarity with the delicious fish and are going there in huge numbers to show our support…”


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