193 Solons Push for Hero’s Burials for All Marcoses, Living and Dead

(Manila) Almost 200 representatives signed a resolution yesterday urging President Benigno Aquino III to consider allowing former President Ferdinand Marcos to be interred at the Libingan ng mga Bayani along with his wife Imelda and son Bongbong Marcos.

“At first we couldn’t understand why anyone would push for a hero’s burial for a mad, tyrannical, despotic, mass-murderer who was so incompetent he single-handedly fucked up our economy,” said Iloilo Representative Ramon Mukhangbaka. “But then we read the part where Imelda and Bongbong would be buried alive along with him and suddenly it all seemed worth it.

Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos is often cited as having been responsible for almost half the country’s external debt which continues to plague the Philippine economy due to debt servicing. The former president is also known for killing hundreds of Filipinos, torturing thousands more and re-writing history to placate his seething dementia and delusions of megalomaniac heroism.

The resolution, originally authored by Sorsogon Representative Salvador Escudero III but subsequently ‘improved’ since its first draft, was at first welcomed by Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. until a bit later when he read the part where he would be buried alive along with his father.

“This is obviously a joke. Burying people alive goes against basic human rights.” Senator Bongbong didn’t say.

The statement has led to Marcos loyalists demanding that the resolution be dissolved to protect the Marcoses’ human rights.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” said Maria Teresa Ruiz, widow and mother of two dead children.

Her husband and children were killed during the Marcos regime. She has always maintained the government of the former president was responsible for all three deaths.

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6 thoughts on “193 Solons Push for Hero’s Burials for All Marcoses, Living and Dead

  1. shame on u maligno sentinel the marcoses hav done nothing but try to make the phil a better country. ferdinand marcos fought for the country and won medals. imelda gave us ccp, heart and kidney centers.

      1. IF The center of your universe is the usa then maybe yah. butt the americans didnt invent satire. peace.

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