Merci Claims Impeachment ‘Just Discrimination Against Women with Facial Moles’

(Manila) Barely a week after embattled Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez defied the Aquino administration’s orders to sack her deputy Emilio Gonzalez III, Merci is already firing a second round in claiming that her impeachment by the House of Representatives is all part of rampant discrimination against women with facial moles in politics.

According to an official statement not issued by her office today: “The discrimination against the Ombudsman’s facial mole is deplorable and undeniable. It is a sad day in Philippine politics when a woman is impeached from her good office just because she has a mole on her face.”

The statement also cites precedent in the case of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who was “a hero of EDSA II and a brilliant economist who could’ve turned the Philippines into another Singapore had the people not conspired against her because of her facial mole.”

Sample of edited image of GMA without her facial mole used by Ilagan in the PNSUP study.

“Preposterous!” said Pangasinan Representative Antonio Viray “If we hate facial moles so much how do they explain popular actresses with facial moles like Lorna Tolentino and Nora Aunor?”

Professor James Ilagan of the Philippine National State University of the Philippines (PNSUP) who conducted a study that became the basis for Merci’s statement explained in an interview with DZXX earlier today:

“Politics are vastly different from entertainment. For instance, another one of our studies here at PNSUP concluded that fat women do well in politics but suffer disadvantages in show business.”

The study ‘Would We Hate GMA Less if She had No Facial Mole?’ tested 1,000 subjects who were shown images of the former president with her facial mole and then shown photoshopped images of her without the mole. The study showed that brain scans of around 80% of the subjects showed less anger when shown the photoshopped images of the president without her mole.

“It might be advantageous for women in entertainment because it can be very sexy; but for women in politics moles are a curse. It’s likely that GMA and Merci never stood a chance because we hated them subconsciously because of their moles.” continued Ilagan over DZXX.


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