Mikey Arroyo: Millions of Undeclared Income Come From My Job as Security Guard

Also claims additional income from driving tricycles

(Manila) Almost a week after the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) filed a tax evasion complaint against Ang Galing Pinoy Representative Juan Miguel ‘Mikey’ Arroyo, the controversial child of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo released a statement late Saturday evening explaining the entire issue as an honest mistake.

“Mikey may have failed to include in his income returns the money he was getting from his job as a security guard.” said Pablo Goumindang, Arroyo’s fictitious non-existent spokesperson.

Goumindang continued to explain that both Arroyo and his wife, Angela, have been moonlighting as security guards employed at Venomous Unicorn Security Agency and that the income from their job at said agency accounted for the under-declared revenues being charged by the BIR.

“Mikey is, after all, the representative of Ang Galing Pinoy which represents security guards and tricycle drivers. How can a person represent a group of people if he doesn’t have any idea what their life is like? Only an idiot would do that.” continued Goumindang.

Included in the statement issued by Arroyo’s camp are documents such as employment papers and payslips showing that the congressman had indeed earned millions serving as a security guard.

Also a Tricycle Driver

Meanwhile the BIR has made statements indicating its skepticism regarding Arroyo’s claim that he and his wife make millions employed as security guards.

“Does Mikey have any idea how much a security guard makes? And he is yet to explain the house in California.” said BIR spokesperson Tim Umpalan in an interview with the Maligno Sentinel.

“I don’t know how much other security guards make. But our agency pays Angela and myself a monthly salary of 200,000php and if I haven’t paid taxes for that I will gladly do so. But that is only part of my income–I also make money from being a tricycle driver sometimes…” Representative Arroyo didn’t say.

Asked about the property in California the congressman didn’t say:

“What property?”


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