Arroyo Claims Absolution for All Sins After Holy Week Penance

Insists that true Christians should drop all charges filed against her.

(Manila) Former president and incumbent Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo announced early Tuesday morning that after having done her penance during Holy Week she is convinced that her all sins have been forgiven and that true Christians should forgive her as well.

“I went to confession, did my penance, and was assured by the priest that I am absolved of all my sins.” the former president did not say in a statement not released on her non-existent Twitter page.

In subsequent interviews that also didn’t happen early today, Arroyo insisted that her absolution means that all charges filed against her should be dropped if the people behind them are true to their faith.

Arroyo’s statements may come in response to  the filing of a second plunder case against her by Solicitor General Frank Chavez supported by overseas Filipino group, Migrante International.

The complaint claims that Mrs. Arroyo misused P530M worth of funds from the Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration (OWWA) to fund questionable acquisitions by Philippine diplomatic posts and the humanitarian assistance mission to Iraq among others.

“Today is one of those days of reckoning. Some people think that they can run but they cannot hide.” Chavez said before filing the complaint.

The CBCP could not be reached for an official statement but San Isidro Bishop Dionisio Arko expressed sadness over the filing of charges.

“I am saddened by the un-Christian attitude of Solicitor General Frank Chavez and Migrante International. Why are they so angry? We are all sinners and the former president has done the humble thing in confessing her sins. I say he that is without sin should cast the first stone.” the bishop said.

The Catholic Church in the Philippines has a proud history of forgiving corrupt officials, most notably its silence during almost two decades of Marcos’ Martial Law before ultimately coming out against the dictator in 1986.

“Between a humble former president who is sorry for her sins and an arrogant incumbent president who supports death and the murder of unborn children in the RH Bill… I think we know who is more Christian.” the bishop continued.

In an interview that never happened over DZXX, the former president appealed to the public to let go of its attachments to the past:

“I strongly urge the Filipino people to let go of the past and fly into the future.”

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One thought on “Arroyo Claims Absolution for All Sins After Holy Week Penance

  1. I think its not the priest gma should be asking forgiveness from but the people she defrauded namely the FILIPINO people.

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