Former Ombudsman Rumored to Host Show on TV5 ‘Mercing Merci’

(Manila) A source from local television network TV5 leaked to the press last Tuesday that former ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez may not be out of a job after all despite her resignation from public service.

The leaked information claims that a new show, ‘Mercing Merci’, featuring Gutierrez as its namesake and host will begin airing as early as June and will most likely replace the embattled show ‘Willing Willie’.

Rene Boy Facunla, more famously known as ‘Ate Glow’, is also set to join the show as the former ombudsman’s sidekick according to the leak.

Facunla’s character ‘Ate Glow’ is a caricature of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Allegations that the Guiterrez was a puppet of the Arroyo administration plagued her tenure as ombudsman and may have contributed significantly to her impeachment.

“This explains a lot. Last month she was adamant about not resigning and then suddenly she’s gone. Most people suspect the Aquino administration may have made concessions to force her resignation but maybe she really wanted out to go into showbiz.” Professor Pedro Abrigo of the Philippine National State University of the Philippines (PNSUP) said.

The unconfirmed report came as a surprise after Associated Broadcasting Company chair Manuel V. Pangilinan announced late this week that ‘Willing Willie’ may be back on air as early as 14 May 2011.

Meanwhile, officials at rival network ABS-CBN have already expressed concern if Gutierrez does do ‘Mercing Merci’ for TV5.

“If Gutierrez does join Tv5 it would give them a virtual monopoly of the most annoying people in Philippine entertainment. None of the annoying celebrities currently active at our network can even begin to match either Revillame or Gutierrez.” ABS-CBN Vice-President for Programming and Operations Nenita Lapid said.

“This is not to say we would take this lying down if ever,” continued Lapid. “If push comes to shove we will not hesitate to bring back Kris Aquino to our frontline.”


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