MMDA Bares Plan to Widen Commonwealth Avenue to Sixty Lanes

Announces plans to implement Oplan Kuryente by June this year.

(Manila) The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in cooperation with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) revealed in a press conference today plans for improvements to Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City designed to reduce the number of accidents that have made it the most dangerous road in the country.

“Never have three of the most competent government agencies cooperated in such an ambitious project for the welfare of the Filipino people. You’re welcome, citizens of Manila.” MMDA spokesperson Rafael Tibay said during the press conference.

On top of the improvements planned for the infamous avenue is an ambitious road widening project that will extend its total width to 60 lanes. Commonwealth Avenue is already the widest road in the country with a width of 18 lanes at its widest.

“The idea is to make the road so wide that cars don’t even have to be near each other anymore.” Tibay explained.

The MMDA spokesperson also reassured the public that the planned widening of Commonwealth Avenue was approved after extended consultations with both the DPWH and the DOTC.

“We put our best people on this. Some of them spend countless hours creating simulations on our state of the art software called SimCity 2000.” DPWH Underscecretary Raul Pineda said.

The MMDA clarified, however, that road widening is not the only planned solution. A wider initiative to encourage discipline among motorists is “Oplan Kuryente” which is set to be implemented beginning June this year.

Oplan Kuryente will allow MMDA enforcers to use Taser guns on traffic law offenders and has been widely criticized as ‘inhumane’ and ‘extreme’ by several groups including the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) among others.

“If the MMDA pursues this Oplan Kuryente of theirs it will be a clear violation of human rights. You cannot punish traffic law violators, much more electrocute them, on the spot without the benefit of a trial or allowing them the ability to contest the violations they are accused of.” CHR Commissioner Andrew Malagtass said in an interview with DZXX.

Tibay explained that Tasers will be good medicine for Filipino drivers who have no discipline and that no permanent damage will be caused by the electroshock weapons.

“It’s just like getting bitten by ants and it will make sure the person does not commit violations again. Besides, Oplan Kuryente guidelines are clear that no motorist will be tasered for over 180 seconds.” Tibay added.


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