Next Ombudsman will be Chosen via Reality Show on NBN

Nominees shortlisted by the JBC will be part of larger group which will include walk-in candidates screened through auditions. Next ombudsman must be willing to eat insects. Evening gown and swimsuit competitions confirmed.

(Manila) Malacañang announced late Monday that, while the president is satisfied with the nominees listed by the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) for the position of ombudsman, the ultimate decision will be made by the Filipino people through a planned reality show to be aired on the National Broadcasting Network (NBN).

The planned show, entitled ‘Ombudsman vs Wild,’ will include elements from other reality shows such as The Amazing Race, Survivor, American Idol, Fear Factor, and America’s Next Top Model among others.

“Basically the idea is to parachute drop the top thirty candidates for the position of ombudsman onto a deserted island and have them perform challenges that offer immunity and other rewards. The audience will vote on who gets to stay or leave every week.” Presidential Spokesman Oscar Donato said.

Donato added that aside from the shortlist presented by the JBC the process will also allow walk-in candidates to audition for the position. A panel of judges will select candidates who will be eligible to participate in the reality show.

Senator Miriam Santiago, German ‘Kuya Germs’ Moreno, Ryan Cayabyab, Robin Padilla, Pepe Smith and Ely Buendia are all rumored to be possible judges for the show.

Many groups have already expressed their approval of the project.

“This is a very big step towards the kind of transparency the Aquino administration promised during its campaign. And who wouldn’t want an ombudsman who can sing, dance and eat insects?” Professor Tomas Malinta of the Philippine National State University of the Philippines (PNSUP) said.

Civil society groups as well as party-list groups have also expressed their support and intention to send a candidates to the audition.


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