Undead Ferdinand Marcos Terrorizes Ilocos Norte

“This is probably one of the better reasons for not refrigerating a dead dictator for 22-years.”

(Laoag) The local Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) detachment in Laoag City released a brief statement confirming rumors that former President Ferdinand E. Marcos has been reanimated and is currently at large as a zombie in the city of Batac, Ilocos Norte.

Colonel Bernardo Asarin of the 4th Mechanized Infantry Battalion made the announcement but refused to take any questions from the local media.

“As of 0400 today, the City of Batac was placed under quarantine by elements of the 11th Infantry Division of the AFP. At this point we can confirm that undead are at large and that former president Marcos is among them.” Asarin told reporters.

All access to Batac City has been blocked by the AFP since early Friday. A few witnesses who managed to evacuate before the quarantine claimed that the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum was the source of the outbreak.

Meanwhile, experts in Manila have been unable to conclusively answer whether a zombie Ferdinand Marcos is more threatening than a living Ferdinand Marcos.

“There are good arguments for either side. The living Ferdinand Marcos could have you arrested, tortured and/or killed… but a zombie Ferdinand Marcos could eat you or infect you or both.” Professor Carlos de la Paz of the Philippine National State University of the Philippines said in an interview with DZXX.

The issue of the former president’s interment has long been a contentious issue in the country. The Marcoses have been adamant that the dictator be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani with military honors and have refused to bury him until they are allowed the privilege.

The former president’s body has remained unburied since his death in 1989 and has been kept in a refrigerated crypt at Batac since 1993.


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