Scandal on Sesame Street: Bert Admits to Fathering Yellow Angry Bird

Refuses to reveal identity of mother. Big Bird angry about speculations that he is the mother of Yellow Bird.

(Sesame Street) Shocking news came from the basement of 123 Sesame Street yesterday as one of its famous residents, Bert, admitted to fathering an egg with an unnamed muppet bird and then giving the egg up for adoption.

Bert: "Yellow Bird, I am your father."

According to Bert that egg hatched into the Angry Birds celebrity only known as ‘Yellow Bird.’

“After we gave him up for adoption, I pulled a few strings to keep tabs on him. I never planned on ever telling him that I’m his father but in the past two years I’ve noticed how angry he has become and as a father I couldn’t keep away.” Bert said in the press conference he called yesterday.

The news was unexpected but did not come as a surprise as Bert had always been known for his fascination with birds–specifically pigeons.

“I always knew he was fond of pigeons but I never would have guessed that he liked birds that way.” Bert’s roommate and bestfriend Ernie said later in a separate interview.

Yellow Angry Bird Angrier

Yellow Bird: "No. No! That's not true! That's impossible!"

Responding with a press conference of his own, Yellow Bird explained that he had no intention of rekindling any parental relationship with the Sesame Street muppet who claims to be his father.

Instead he and his flock remain focused on recovering their eggs which have been stolen by a bunch of evil green pigs.

“For the past two years my flock of multicolored birds and I have been fighting to get our eggs back from those evil pigs. It hurts me deeply to find out that my own father gave me up without a fight.” Yellow Bird said regarding Bert’s revelation.

Asked how he felt about the issue he only replied: “Angrier.”

Another Angry Yellow Bird

Meanwhile, the media has been in a frenzy regarding the identity of the unnamed muppet bird mother of Yellow Bird

Speculations have named quite a lot of possible mothers including Camilla the Chicken, Tiffy (from the German co-production of Sesame Street ‘Sesamstrasse’), and Big Bird’s own aunt Nani Bird.

Most surprising are rumors linking Sesame Street’s own Big Bird whose yellow feathers have included him in the list of possible mothers. Early today he tweeted on his official twitter account:

“I don’t understand why people would even say I could be Yellow Bird’s mother. I’m a f**king boy goddamnit.”

Neither Bert nor Yellow Bird have commented on the Big Bird connection.


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