Sara Duterte Joins Newly Formed Superhero Team ‘KAMAO’

Newly formed superhero team encourages Philippine government officials to “Fight for justice. Be loyal to one another. Punch somebody.”

(Davao City) Even as the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) continues its probe on the incident involving Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte hitting a regional trial court sheriff, the embattled mayor announced yesterday that she has joined a newly formed superhero team called ‘KAMAO.’

KAMAO reportedly stands for ‘Kapisanan ng mga Angas na Mayor At Opisyal’ and is comprised of government officials who put the values of ‘Justice, Loyalty, and Punching’ above all others.

Mayor Alfredo Lim and former Mayors Rodrigo Duterte, Ed Tanod and Rey Malonzo have been confirmed as co-founding members of the superhero team.

Fist image by
The logo of newly formed superhero team 'KAMAO'.

“Sara Duterte’s genuine compassion for the people at that demolition site is admirable. But more importantly, she showed us that she also believes in the value of punching. This is what we stand for–justice, loyalty and punching.” Tanod said.

Public opinion has been split since the incident occurred last Friday with at least one militant group, Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (KADAMAY) and a few Metro Manila mayors voicing their support for Duterte.

Duterte’s supporters assert that her violent intervention was necessary in preventing even more bloodshed from occurring as tensions were escalating between city officials and the illegal settlers during the incident.

“Mayor Sara did what she did to avoid bloodshed. If that demolition did not stop, a lot of people will get hurt.” Valenzuela Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian said.

KAMAO, on the other hand insists that the punching was both unnecessary and admirable.

“Did Sara Duterte need to punch that sheriff to get the results she wanted? Of course not. But did it make her ‘maangas’? Hell yeah.” Tanod told reporters.

Tanod also explained that it is not enough for prospective members of KAMAO to believe in justice and loyalty alone.

“What is justice and loyalty if there is no punching? Do you mean to say we should just settle our issues without punching people who annoy us? Of course not.” Tanod said.

KAMAO has stated that it will begin recruiting ‘angas’ mayors and officials beginning August of this year.

“Fight for justice. Be loyal to one another. Punch somebody.” Tanod encouraged Philippine government officials.


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