Azkals Lose to Kuwait 0-3; Communists Blame US

(TMS) The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) issued a statement today blaming the United States for the loss of the Philippine national football team against Kuwait in the first game of their 2nd round of qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup.

“The Azkals’ loss to Kuwait is obviously part of America’s machinations to keep the Philippines from its recent trajectory toward football fandom.” the CPP said in its press release.

The Azkals lost to Kuwait’s Al-Azraq 0-3 early Sunday morning.

Kuwait’s Al-Azraq started slow, ending the first half with only a goal but enjoyed complete domination over the Philippine Azkals by the second half with a final score of three goals to the Azkals’ zero.

Kuwait’s national football team is currently ranked 102 in the FIFA World Rankings while the Philippine team is ranked 159.  To make matters worse for the Philippine team, two key players Aly Borromeo and Stephan Schrock had to serve one-game suspensions preventing them from entering the fray.

The CPP, however, insisted that the Azkals lost due to American intervention.

“The US claims we are a friend but compared to us Kuwait is practically family to them. Imperialism does not care about loyalties; it only cares about utility.” the CPP statement said.

The communists also pointed to the Smart Ultimate All-Star Weekend which featured NBA stars like Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose go against two teams of local talents: the PBA All Stars and Smart Gilas.

“Everyone knows the US hates football. They even call it ‘soccer’ to emphasize their disdain for it. What is less known is how the Americans use basketball to further their imperialist schemes. It isn’t a coincidence that this basketball event was scheduled the same weekend as the Azkals game. The US is obviously threatened by our growing love for football.”

The CPP did not mention how exactly the US caused the Azkals to lose their game against Al-Azraq.

Last month, the CPP blamed the US for rising tensions between the Philippines and China because of their territorial dispute over the Spratly Islands.


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