Sotto Cracks Really Funny Joke About Childbirth Deaths To Critical Acclaim

Senator proves he’s funnier as a politician than he ever was as a comedian.

(Manila) Two decades after transitioning from a highly successful career in comedy to a sobering but steady career in politics, Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III showed during a Senate debate on the Reproductive Health bill that he’s still got it.

During his interpellation of the controversial RH bill, Sotto questioned the veracity of a report which stated that 11 women in the country die everyday because of pregnancy-related causes.

“So may I ask the committee to furnish the senate a copy of how this survey was arrived at. If they can furnish that, Mr. President, I will try to urge 13 senators to vote for this bill tomorrow.” the senator said.

“If they will be able to present that, Mr. President, those names… 11 mothers a day… even just 11 that died yesterday…”  Sotto added, chiding the bill’s proponents with obvious satisfaction.

The senator’s remarks drew instant acclaim from the nation’s experts on comedy.

“Tito Sotto is a genius.” Filipino Comedic Arts and Sciences Institute (F-CASI) Director Ramil “Burnik” Pelayo said regarding Sotto’s mockery of maternal mortality.

“What could be funnier than women dying during childbirth? It’s bold. It’s dark. It’s edgy. It’s just funny as hell.” Pelayo explained.

General consensus among critics in the local comedic circles seems to favor Sotto’s remarks as brilliantly funny as well.

“I love it. I can imagine those 11 mothers breathing… then dying! Haha!” veteran clown Bobo said while barely containing his laughter.

Meanwhile, supporters of Sotto’s joke appealed to his critics for consideration and an open mind on the matter. At least one group, Akbayan! Youth, has called on Senator Sotto to apologize for the offensive nature of his remarks in the face of maternal mortality.

“If you don’t get why the idea of dying mothers is so funny then just keep it to yourself. Being baduy and old-fashioned is your problem.” Pelayo said.


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