Typhoon Batters Northern Luzon; Communists Blame US

(TMS) Even as Typhoon Mina makes its way out of the Philippines’ area of responsibility, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) released a statement  blaming the United States of America for the storm.

The CPP statement, released to the media early Sunday, asserted that the typhoon was “suspicious” and “almost certainly artificially generated by the US.”

“This typhoon has U.S.A. written all over it. Another plot to undermine the common tao and keep our farmers under the heel of the fascist US-sponsored Aquino regime.” the CPP said in its statement.

According to the communists, Typhoon Mina is the latest ploy of the US to keep the Filipino masses down.

“How is it that Manila was spared while the countryside was devastated? Obviously the storm was set to target the masses in the countryside while sparing the elites in the capital. It’s so obvious.” the CPP statement explained.

According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council  (NDRRMC), the death toll from Typhoon Mina has risen to six as of Saturday evening.

Over the decades the communist party has attributed many of the country’s ills on the United States.

Recently, the CPP has implicated the US in the rising tensions between the Philippines and China over the Spratly Islands, the failed World Cup bid of the Azkals due to a loss to Kuwait, the increasing prevalence of lactose intolerance among Filipinos,  and the existence of albino tarsiers.

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