Maligno Report: Are Daniel Padilla and Dennis Padilla the Same Person?

A little known fact about Dennis Padilla is that while he bears the ‘Padilla’ name which he inherited from his father, Dencio Padilla, their real surname is Baldivia.’ This means that even though he had a close association with action star Robin Padilla in the 1990s (starring in movies like ‘Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum’ and ‘Miss na Miss Kita: Utol Kong Hoodlum II’ among others), he does not actually belong to the showbiz clan of which Robin is a part along with siblings Royet, Rommel and BB.

A credible source from a prominent medical clinic, however, claims that Dennis Padilla may have, in fact, been adopted by the Padilla Clan in the guise of Daniel Padilla.

“Yes, Dennis Padilla and Daniel Padilla are the same person,” an informant told the Maligno Sentinel during an interview last week.

The same source clarified that no cosmetic surgery has been performed on the 52-year old Dennis Padilla. Instead, the actor simply pulls his hair down to form bangs and wears tight clothes to create the illusion of being a much younger,  ‘18-year old’ boy. The clinic also helps the actor keep a youthful appearance through beauty treatments

Parang Hannah Montana lang yung peg. Pero matandang artista na nagiging medyo badboy ito.”  [“It’s like Hannah Montana. But in this case it’s an old man pretending to be a bad boy.”] the  source continued.

No reason was presented for the actor’s alleged alternate personality as a teenage boy although a career slump after a short political stint as city councilor in Caloocan may be a factor. It is also unclear why the Padilla clan has accepted Dennis Padilla into their showbiz family.

The revelation does clear up a rumor that erupted late last year insinuating that Daniel Padilla may be romantically interested in Julia Barretto after he was supposedly seen at the set of the young actress’s upcoming show ‘Mirabella.’

“Yes, that was Daniel Padilla, but he was there because Julia Barretto is his daughter.” the source explained.


Photo Attribution for “Maligno Report: Are Daniel Padilla and Dennis Padilla the Same Person?”
Daniel Padilla And Kathryn Bernardo Singing Got To Believe by Dane Alegana under CC BY / zoomed in with text added to original

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