Box Jellyfish on Anne Curtis Incident: “She Attacked Me”

(Batangas) A day after local news reported that a box jellyfish had stung actress Anne Curtis during a shoot for her television drama “Dyesebel,” the jellyfish in question surfaced early Friday morning to clarify matters on the incident.

“First of all, I have a name,” the jellyfish stated heatedly, “and it’s Jelly.”

The box jellyfish presented a birth certificate indicating that its full name is Jelly de Belen, a resident of Tayabas Bay.

But what had angered the jellyfish enough to agree to the interview was what it called “a disgusting misrepresentation of facts.”

“I don’t know what the [expletives deleted] is wrong with you humans; thinking that you can just show up at my place of work wearing fake fish tails and disrupt our classes,” de Belen explained.

The jellyfish narrated that it was teaching a school of fish when Curtis just barged in and started swimming around in what seemed like her best impersonation of a fish.

“My students were so scared,” de Belen said. “I was scared. What was I supposed to do?”

De Belen also clarified that it repeatedly tried to wave Curtis away with her tentacles but the actress just kept swimming around closer and closer.

“I wasn’t trying to sting her; I was trying to wave her off,” de Belen continued, “If I really wanted to sting her she would know.”

The “Dyesebel” actress developed a rash on her side as a result of the box jellyfish sting and was rushed to medical facilities in San Juan, Batangas before being confined at the St. Luke’s Medical City in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

All news reports about the incident point to the jellyfish as the attacker but de Belen remains indignant.

“Let’s see how you feel if we decide to wear fake human legs and start ‘walking’ around your houses and workplaces without permission,” it said at the end of the interview.


Photo Attribution for “Box Jellyfish on Anne Curtis Incident: ‘She Attacked Me'”
Jellyfish by Alex Murphy under CC BY /cropped and colors inverted from original

6 thoughts on “Box Jellyfish on Anne Curtis Incident: “She Attacked Me”

  1. Jelly de Belen is a Kindergarten teacher…she’s just protecting her students…it is just a normal defense mechanism of anyone to a stranger trying to envade your place without permission…shame on you fake Dyesebel!

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