DOTC Introduces MRT Off-Hours Amusement Ride “Midnight Rail of Terror” Between 12MN and 3AM

(Manila) The Metro Rail Transit Line 3 will start midnight operations as an amusement ride called the “Midnight Rail of Terror” starting late April.

The announcement comes after repeated incidents with the train system over the past few weeks have raised safety concerns about the MRT-3.

On March 22, the train line went on ‘provisional’ status after its communication system encountered problems that prevented trains from being detected between the Buendia and Taft stations. A few days later on March 26, human error forced an MRT-3 driver to engage the breaks abruptly which caused injury to eight passengers.

“While assuring the public that the MRT is still one of the safest modes of transport in Metro Manila, we also want to invite thrill-seekers to try our new ‘Midnight Rail of Terror’ which is guaranteed to be… thrilling,” the management of the MRT said in the statement.

The ‘Midnight Rail of Terror’ will be using drivers who are required to extend their work shifts to a minimum of 20 hours to increase the chances of ‘human error’ and create a ‘hair-raising experience for everyone in the family.’

The MRT-3 system had already extended operating hours in February and March to address long queues and provide an alternative to other modes of transport that take up space on Manila’s congested roads. With the amusement ride operating hours added, the trains will only be stopped for the hour between 11:00 p.m. and midnight, and another hour between 3:00 a.m. and its opening time at 4:30 a.m.

The midnight train will also be running without the benefit of central control, and with the lights and communication system off.

“If commuters are willing to negotiate long lines to ride our day train despite its flaws, imagine how many people would line up to ride our ‘Midnight Rail of Terror’ which highlights those flaws!” the statement concluded.

The ‘Midnight Rail of Terror’ is expected to cost a little over twice the fare of the regular MRT operation and will tentatively start at 11:59 PM on April 18 which happens to be Good Friday.


Photo Attribution for “DOTC Introduces MRT Off-Hours Amusement Ride ‘Midnight Rail of Terror’ Between 12MN and 3AM”
MRT by Paulo Ordoveza under CC BY / image colors inverted, size cropped from original

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