Pacquiao Claims Common Sense; Scientists Divided

(Manila) Local scientists have released contradictory findings after Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao claimed at a senate hearing on the Davao Death Squad that he has common sense.

“I’m not a lawyer but I have common sense,” the senator said after an afternoon spent questioning retired police officer policeArturo Lascañas, mostly about spiritual renewal.

A team of scientists monitoring common sense at both the Batasan Complex and the GSIS building, where the House of Representatives and the Senate hold sessions respectively, contradicted this claim saying that no such sense has been detected from Pacquiao since he assumed his senatorial post last year.

“No,” Ronald Tagong told reporters late Monday afternoon, “we have not detected any common sense from Senator Pacquiao.”

Tagong, who serves as the project leader of a team from the privately-run Bambang Institute of Science, also showed data that Pacquiao had not shown any evidence of common sense even during his terms as congressman.

“To be fair to the senator maybe we could have had a better chance of detecting something… anything… if had shown up for congress sessions more,” Tagong added.

But a group of scientists from the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) Associated Search for Terrestrial Intelligence in Government (ASTIG) program claim otherwise.

“Senator Pacquiao definitely has common sense,” ASTIG Program Director Jaime Bañez said in a statement, “it just takes very sensitive equipment to detect because there is very little of it.”