About the Maligno Sentinel

The Maligno Sentinel is an experiment in satirical content generation, reception, and effect. In many ways, we also view it as an outlet for the frustration produced by an earnest desire to push for change.

None of the items published here are meant to be taken as factual or true.

The images used in the site are covered by Creative Commons Licenses (mostly CC BY 2.0) and are properties of their respective owners. If we have inadvertently used an image you own against your copyright specifications please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address specified below.

Inquiries, complaints and other forms of correspondence may be sent to: frontdesk@malignosentinel.com


12 thoughts on “About the Maligno Sentinel

  1. I think your blog is awesome and yes, funny! Let’s exchange links! My blog has humor too, but a different kind. “The Pink Palate” [http://thepinkpalate.tumblr.com]. Your link is already on my site! =)

  2. Tee hee. (Wiping tears of laughter away.) About time I saw a site like this. Are you looking for contributors, by the way?

  3. Very nice read and better news than what we read in the net and see in the tv (which are all horrendous and bad news)! It’s a good parody of what the current events are and I would be looking forward to every articles! I’d say it levels with http://tunaynalalake.blogspot.com/ in hilarity. Keep up the good work and keep those articles rolling!

  4. I immensely enjoyed your articles, reminded me of cracked.com with topics closer to home.
    It has the exact blend of one-part funny, two-parts witty drenched in a pitcher of imagination and sprinkled with simplicity.
    Hope to read more articles hear soon.

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