Boy Scouts approve new corruption merit badges in honor of Binay

(Manila) The Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) approved two new merit badges last Thursday in honour of Vice President Jejomar Binay who has been serving on and off as national president of the organization since 1994.

The two new merit badges are for proficiencies in ‘Dynasty Building,’ which will be merged with the existing ‘Hog Raising’ merit badge and an all new token to be called the ‘Advanced Graft and Corruption’ badge.

“We were looking for a way to honor the vice president and his very specific skill sets,” BSP Manila Council Board Member Francisco Lemetano explained, “And some of the older merit badges needed updating, so we merged the old Hog Raising badge into a new one called ‘Dynasty Building’!”

The old Hog Raising merit badge required knowledge of hog breeds, their proper care, common diseases as well as commercial products that can be made from the pigs.

The new Dynasty Building merit badge will keep the same graphic representation, that of a hog, but will focus on raising a family of pigs who are trained to go into politics, win votes whether or not they are qualified or have experience in government, and then bleed the country dry through corrupt practices.

Meanwhile, the new Advanced Graft and Corruption badge will be awarded to the vice president for his uncanny display of skill in channeling public funds into private accounts.

“We also wanted to honor the vice president for everything he has done to the Boy Scouts of the Philippines,” Lemetano said.

Binay has been accused of benefitting financially from deals he made as national president of the BSP. In 2011, the vice president tried to prevent the government from auditing the scouting organization but failed after the Supreme Court ruled that the BSP was a public corporation.