Imelda sets parental controls on son’s account after stupid tweet

(The Interweb) Ilocos Norte Representative and former First Lady Imelda Marcos was forced to set parental controls on her son’s Twitter account after the latter posted a particularly stupid tweet on the social media site.

Commenting on the president’s handling of the Mamasapano incident which resulted in the deaths of 44 PNP-SAF policemen as well as 18 members of the MILF, 5 members of the BIFF and several civilians, Senator Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr. tweeted:

 “I remember, as President, my father was knowledgeable about every military operation. The President would know about an operation this big.”

Other users on the site were quick to remind the senator that several of the operations during his father’s tenure as dictator involved the suppression of civil liberties and gross violations of human rights.


Despite hundreds of corruption and human rights violations cases, as well as a strong consensus from the academic community condemning the Marcoses for crimes against the Filipino people, the former first lady and her children have been arguably successful in deflecting issues by feigning ignorance or by actively revising their memories of martial law.

A spokesman for the former first lady said that the 57-year old senator will be allowed to use his Twitter account again after he has shown more maturity and responsibility, and after he cleans his room.